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Precision Laser Coupling Alignment

One of the most important aspects of coupled machine operation is the accuracy of the shaft alignment. Misalignment causes premature failures in the bearings and couples and can lead to excessive vibration.  When installing drive motors or their respective driven equipment, it is vital that the couplings are closely aligned.
Dynatech offers laser shaft alignment for couplings on a wide range of equipment such as pumps, compressors, industrial exhausters, fans, gearboxes, and drive lines.  A good alignment helps to assure a long life for the components of the machine and increased reliability. This is particularly important in high-speed pumps and screw compressors where seal life is directly affected by misalignment.

Some of the equipment we have performed alignment on include:

        • Screw Compressors
        • Hoffman and Lamson Blowers
        • Coupling Driven Fans
        • Pumps
        • Gearboxes
        • Turbines
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