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Optical Alignment Services 

Dynatech uses precision optical instruments to align machines and their components to exact tolerances, improving machine performance and productivity.

Although parameters vary between jobs, the accuracy of Optical Alignment is typically 0.005" of an inch or less across the width of a large paper machine or as little as 0.002" of an inch on more modestly sized equipment.

Roll misalignment can be the cause of many problems in the converting, printing and paper industry. Product problems such as inconsistent coating, sagging, edges inconsistent registering, excessive splices (from breaks), and edge corrugation are often traced to misalignment of the rolls. Mechanical problems such as roll cover wear, coupling damage, and gearbox damage are also caused by misalignment. Dynatech Services can help you address these problems by offering Periodic Optical Inspection Services.

If you suspect an alignment problem, or if you are anticipating a roll change, call our Alignment Professionals.

Dynatech Services has the capability to perform optical alignment of:

        • Corrugaters
        • Press sections
        • Coaters
        • Calendars
        • Winders
        • Laminators
        • Extruders

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